Turaarvik Inns North Hotel 

Rankin Inlet, NU

21 Rooms 6 Standard Rooms | 6 Executive Queen Rooms | 9 Kitchenette Rooms

Starting at $299 / per person per night

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Alternate Name: Kangiqtiniq
Local Meaning: “Deep Bay”
Population: 3,151

About the Community
This Co-op, located in Rankin Inlet, features a retail store, hotel, cable television services, property rentals and arts and crafts. It was incorporated in May 1968. Rankin Inlet is located on the 63rd parallel, the west shores of Hudson Bay and approximately 1100 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Inuit make up most of the population. Rankin Inlet is a major air hub in the North.

Don’t Miss List
Rankin Inlet combines the best of the land and sea. There are several rocky rivers that are great for fishing arctic char and large lake trout. While visiting you may spot caribou passing through, arctic foxes, and polar bears. Every May, there is a fishing derby bringing people in from other communities.

Arctic Activities
There are plenty of activities to do here. Evening events such as, basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer and wrestling. During the holidays, there are events including snowmobile races, dog sledding, craft sales, snow sculptures and games.


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