Sauniq Inns North Hotel 

Pond Inlet, NU

28 Rooms Single and Double Occupancy Rooms Available

Starting at $449 / per person per night

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Scenic View of Pond Inlet
Pond Inlet
Sauniq Executive Guestroom(2)
Sauniq Executive Guestroom
Sauniq Lobby
Sauniq Meeting Room
Sauniq Dining Room (2)
Sauniq Dining Room
Sauniq Standard Guestroom (3)
Sauniq Guestroom Amenities
Sauniq Standard Guestroom (2)
Sauniq Standard Guestroom

Alternate Name: Mittimatalik
Local Meaning: “Place of Mittima’s Grave”
Population: 1,555

About the Community
Tununiq Sauniq Co-operative was incorporated in 1968 and is one of the largest and most diverse Co-ops in Nunavut. In Pond Inlet, businesses include a retail store, convenience store, hotel, fuel delivery, Yamaha snowmobile and ATV repair shop, cable television services and property rentals.

Referred to as the “jewel of the Baffin”, this ancestral homeland of the North Baffin Inuit is rich in archaeology. Thule Inuit lived in the region for centuries and left many interesting sites. American and Scottish whalers frequently visited the area early in the 19th century.

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Located on Eclipse Sound on northern Baffin Island, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife such as, polar bears, caribou, wolves, arctic foxes, ringed seal, and narwhals bless Pond Inlet.

Arctic Activities
Today, the major activities include igloo camping, cross-country skiing, tourism, ocean mammal harvesting, hunting and fishing, trapping and oil exploration. Pond Inlet has a polar climate, the coldest month is February, and the warmest month is in July. There is no sun from mid-November to mid-January however, you will see the beautiful moonlight and the Northern Lights.