Auyuittuq Lodge by Inns North

Pangnirtung, NU

22 Rooms 16 Junior Rooms (Single Beds) | 6 Executive Suites w/ Private Bedrooms

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Starting at $299 / per person per night

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Outdoor View of Pangnirtung
Hotel Lobby in Pangnirtung
Hotel in Pangnirtung
Hotel Bed in Pangnirtung
Hotel Bed in Pangnirtung
Outdoor View in Pangnirtung
Outdoor Scenery in Pangnirtung
Inukshuk in Pangnirtung

Alternate Name: Pangniqtuuq
Local Meaning: “The Place of the Bull Caribou”
Population: 1,481

About the Community
Incorporated in 1968, Pangnirtung Co-op operates a retail store, hotel, cable service, fuel distribution, arts and crafts, and property rentals.

Pangnirtung is located on a narrow coastal plain against a spectacular backdrop of high mountains and a winding river valley. Legend says a hunter named Atagooyuk gave the place its name well over 100 years ago when caribou had not yet changed their patterns as a result of the incursions of man.

Don’t Miss List
The community is well known for their art work, sculptures, prints, hunting, fishing and their sea mammals such as seals and whales. Pangnirtung was also the backdrop for the opening scene of the James Bond thriller “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

Arctic Activities
Take a look at the famous prints, tapestries, and lithographs while you’re visiting,
The view of the sea and the mountains is unreal, here in Pangnirtung.