Peel River Inn, Inns North Hotel 

Fort McPherson, NT

8 Rooms 2 Standard Double Rooms | 6 Standard Twin Rooms

Starting at $209 / per person per night

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Outdoor Sunset in Fort Mcpherson
Fort McPherson
Hotel Shower in Fort Mcpherson
Fort McPherson
Hotel Bed in Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson
Night view of hotel in Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson
Dog Sledding in Fort McPherson
Fort McPherson

Temporarily Closed

Due to construction, The Peel River Inn is currently closed for business. No rooms are available. A reopening is planned for 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Alternate Name: Teetl’it Zheh
Local Meaning: “Town at the Head of the Waters”
Population: 647

About the Community
Incorporated in 1972, Tetlit Service Co-op operates a retail facility and hotel/restaurant that includes a conference and cultural centre that displays local artifacts and art. Other businesses operated by this Co-op include fuel delivery, a gas bar, cable television services, a post office and other local services.

People of the area moved between the Richardson Mountains and the river valleys according to seasonal hunting and fishing opportunities. They were known to visit the Hudson Bay trading post to exchange goods.

Don’t Miss List
The economy of the community is primarily based on hunting, trapping and oil exploration. One of the many types of tourism is wildlife viewing- this can be done by land or sea.
Lynx are uncommonly seen as they live in the southern part of the territory away from the communities.

Arctic Activities 
Amazing adventure tours from snowmobiling, husky kennel tours & dog sledding!