Amundsen Inns North Hotel 

Gjoa Haven,  NU

16 Rooms 11 Double Standard Rooms and 5 Excecutive Queen Suites

Starting at $449 / per person per night

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Outdoor View of Gjoa Haven
Gjoa Haven
Field in Gjoa Haven
Gjoa Haven
Gjoa Haven
Outdoor View of Hotel in Gjoa Haven
Gjoa Haven
Outdoors in Gjoa Haven
Gjoa Haven

Alternate Name: Ursuqtuq
Local Meaning: “Lots of Blubber”
Population: 1,349

About the Community
Incorporated in 1966, this Co-op serves its members by operating a hotel, retail store, cable TV, fuel delivery and property rentals.

The story of the search for the Northwest Passage is best told from this community. Located on King William Island, the region’s channels and bays are ice-choked for much of the year. Also known as Ursuqtuq, the community’s English name is taken from Amundsen’s small ship, the Gjoa. The Inuit here are Netsilik Inuit and are known for their seal-hunting prowess. The major activities in today’s community are hunting, fishing, and arts and crafts.

Don’t Miss List
A popular destination for fans of arctic history- a self-guided walking tour of the area describes the search for the passage. Guided historic tours may be arranged to interpret the ill-fated Franklin expedition of 1845, and the Amundsen story. Enjoy seeing the arctic birds, geese, loons, ducks, and snowy owls.

Arctic Activities
Overland and boat tours in the summer, snowmobile and dog team trekking in the winter.
In May there is a 2-week celebration featuring drum dancing, throat singing, traditional Inuit games and feasts.