Polar Bear in Naujaat


Naujat Inns North is owned by the members of the Naujat Co-operative. The hotel features non-smoking rooms, each with a private bathroom, TV, telephone and wireless Internet. The dining room seats 30 people and has a varied menu of home-style meals.

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Auyuittuq Inns North is owned and operated by the Pangnirtung Co-op. Pangnirtung is located on a narrow coastal plain against a spectacular backdrop of high mountains and a winding river valley. Legend says a hunter named Atagooyuk gave the place its name well over 100 years ago.

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Seal in Water in Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet

The Sauniq Hotel is owned by the Tununiq Sauniq Co-operative. The Sauniq Inns North Hotel is renowned for its hospitality and traditional Inuit cuisine.

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Scenic Image of Qikiqtarjuaq


Tulugak Inns North Hotel is owned and operated by the Tulugak Co-op. It features nine rooms with private bathrooms and cable TV. All rooms provide a view of the water. The dining area boasts large windows overlooking the beautiful Baffin Island.

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Outdoor Animals in Siniktarvik

Rankin Inlet – Siniktarvik

The Siniktarvik Hotel is owned and operated by the Kissarvik Co-op. The Siniktarvik Hotel is a modern facility with a full-service restaurant. We have four conference rooms that seat 10 to 250 people. We can arrange a selection of local northern produced delicacies, a full range of catered banquets and food services for events on and off site.

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Turaarvik Scenery

Rankin Inlet – Turaarvik

Turaarvik Inns North is owned and operated by the Kissarvik Co-op and conveniently attached to the Co-op. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, TV, in-room coffee maker, writing desk, and chair.

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Flower Image


The Amaulik Inns North is owned and operated by Mitiq Co-op. Each room at the Amaulik is furnished with either 1 double bed or 1 queen bed.

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Sky Scenery

Whale Cove

The Tavanni Inns North is owned and operated by Issatik Co-op. Whale Cove is famous for its beluga whales. In the fall, beluga whales congregate in near the shores of Whale Cove. The hotel is conveniently located across from the Co-op store.

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